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Who is Bighari?

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For the first story on this account, I thought it would be fitting to tell the story of the shop's name. It is based on a Filipino myth regarding one of the daughters of Bathala (the Zeus-equivalent in Tagalog Mythology). There are a few versions of the story, so I consolidated and put my own twist to the ending. Although there is no one true story, certain elements remain the same. After all, these stories survived years of colonialization and foreign occupancy by virtue of Oral Tradition.

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The Goddess of Flowers

Bighari, the flower-loving daughter of Bathala, spent most of her days among the flowers of Earth. Whenever she visited, she gave the mortals plants so that they may eat, and flowers so that they may heal their troubled minds. Because of her gift of nature and beauty, she was beloved by all the people. 

One day, Bathala calls for an important family meeting and sends his messengers to gather his sons and daughters.

One by one the family arrived, but Bighari was nowhere to be found. This was not the first time that Bighari shirked her godly duties to play among the plants and flowers on Earth. Enraged at his daughter's absence, Bathala banishes Bighari from their home in the sky and destroys the bridge connecting to Earth. Bighari's siblings protest, for Bighari was so kindhearted that this punishment seemed too extreme. But no amount of pleading could quell Bathala's anger.

When Bighari finds out what happened, she began to weep. Her tears watered the ground and from there thousands of flowers grew. The mortals, who knew Bighari for her generosity came together to console her. Bighari's kindness inspired the mortals to take her flowers and to build a bridge that extended to the sky so that she may return home. Overcome by the kindness she was shown, Bighari decided to stay among the mortals and continue tending to the Earth's flowers and gardens. The bridge of flowers became the first rainbow, and wherever it is seen is said to be Bighari travelling to tend to the plants on Earth.

Who is Bighari?: Image
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